Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Red Lion Revelations! September 22, 2009 Edition

We've got a lot of stuff to cover this time out so let's get to it; beginning with the news that...
WE'RE MOVING: That's right, folks! After almost ten years of living in the lovely lakeside tourist resort of Port Stanley Ontario Canada ( www.port-stanley.com ) Red Lion Publications publisher Jonathan "A" Gilbert has decided to pick up stakes and relocate himself and this company's operations to the thriving metropolis of, well, we can't reveal the exact location at the moment but we can tell you that is is a large population cent re somewhere in southwestern Ontario. Truth be known, our fearless publisher has been considering moving for a number of months now so when this recent opportunity arose he jumped at the chance. There are still a lot of details to work out regarding the move but once he has them nailed down he will be letting everyone know here at http://redlionpublications.blogspot.com and at http://dispatchesfromthegreatwhitenorth.blogspot.com . So keep your eyes on those URLs, folks.
RESCHEDULING: Due in part to our publisher's decision to move later this year, after giving it a lot of serious thought we've decided to reschedule the release of our first comic, RED LION SPOTLIGHT,. While we haven't yet set a firm date for its release we are tentatively looking at some time in the spring of 2010. We feel that not only will this delay give us time to settle into our new digs but it will also give our creators more time to work on their comics. As with future news regarding the big move be sure to check our company's blog for updates.

LINE-UP: While the release of RED LION SPOTLIGHT has been delayed the lineup for our flagship title remains the same. Issue #1 will feature Steve Skeates' "Stateside Mouse", issue #2 will reintroduce Lloyd Smith's "Kragor The Savage" and issue #3 will star Jonathan "A" Gilbert's "Mister Chameleon". Also in development here at Red Lion Publications are two books by Jonathan "A" Gilbert including one that will expand on the MLJ/Archie Superhero Lines serial by our publisher that is running at http://dispatchesfromthegreatwhitenorth.blogspot.com . We've got other treats planned for 2010 and beyond but we're going to hold off on talking about them for now until we've got a firmer grasp on our schedule.
ART NEWS: As you know we've been looking for pencilers over the past number of months. Well, after an extensive hunt we are pleased to announce that we've found two very talented artists to work on upcoming projects. One is Ademir Sabic from Bosnia-Herzegovina who will be using his talents to bring Lloyd Smith's "Kragor The Savage" to live and the other is David Johnson from Oklahoma who is to be the penciler on Jonathan "A" Gilbert's "Mister Chameleon". We'll be telling you more about these talented gents in the coming months but for now we just wanted to introduce them to everyone as we are pretty darn excited about them joining the Red Lion Publications team.

That's it for this installment of RED LION REVELATIONS. See you again soon.

Jonathan "A" Gilbert, publisher
Red Lion Publications

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