Friday, May 22, 2009

Red Lion Revelations! May 22, 2009 Edition

The latest in news and information about Red Lion Publications!
Jonathan "A" Gilbert, Publisher
SCHEDULING: Lately lots of folks have been asking me about our publishing plans so I thought I'd start off this update by bringing everyone up to speed.

Our first comic will be our previously announced showcase title RED LION SPOTLIGHT. While we haven't, for a variety of reasons, set an exact release date as of yet I can say with almost total certainty that the first issue will be out some time in the fall of 2009. RED LION SPOTLIGHT will start out as a quarterly and will hopefully go bi-monthly beginning with number five. As for what RED LION SPOTLIGHT will be showcasing, currently plans call for the first issue to feature Stunning Steve Skeates' "Stateside Mouse", issue number two to feature either "Guns & Rosa", "Officer Omega" or "Kragor" by Lucky Lloyd Smith, the return of my "Mister Chameleon" in number three and a little something we are calling "The Spirit of Robin Hood" in the fourth issue. While we are hoping to stick to that line up things, as they inevitably seem to do in this business, could change and if and when that does happen we'll be announcing it here so be sure to check back with us from time to time.
UPDATE: Last time out I mentioned that our very own Steve Skeates had done a series of interviews including one with my buddy Richard Vasseur at Jazma Universe Online. Steve's chat with Richard has now been posted and can be found at...
NEW BLOOD: The staff at Red Lion Publications continues to grow with its most recent addition being Mike Rickaby. As well as being an extremely talented colorist, inker and letterer (as well as a personal friend of mine and Lloyd's) Mike is also head honcho of CE Publishing Group which can be found online at . For those of you who aren't aware, CE Publishing Group is sort of the sister publishing firm of Red Lion Publications as not only did I used to be that company's editor-and I continue to give Mike input whenever he asks my opinion-but CE Publishing Group also reprints some of my and Lloyd's old Blue Moon Comics Group material. As well, CE Publishing Group is going to be publishing a new story plotted by me, scripted by Steve Skeates and penciled by the legendary Dick Ayers called "Possessions" that is slated to appear in ALL-SMASH FUNNIES VOL. 2 NO. 2. Pretty neat, eh. So welcome aboard, Mike. We're glad that you are part of the Red Lion team.
HELP NEEDED: So there's Lucky Lloyd Smith, the stunning and ever-sensational Steve Skeates, the Wonderful Warren Montgomery, Mighty Mike Rickaby and me, Jazzy Jon Gilbert who are what can best be referred to as our wacky and wild bullpen. A pretty great buncha guys if I do say so myself and really talented, too. One thing we are missing though in our bullpen is pencilers, so if you are a penciler and you think you've got what it takes to work with this bunch of crazies follow the submission guidelines at the right hand side of this blog and show us what you can do. We're looking for all styles of sequential artwork (no poster art, please), that will fit the wide range of genres we plan to publish. That includes by the way golden age material, sword & sorcery, western, horror, funny animal, mystery, war and of action-adventure, science fiction and of course super-heroes. And while we don't plan to publish manga we will look at something in a manga style too as it just might fit a certain look that we have in mind or may fit a particular concept in a way we had not previously considered. Who knows? A film noir-mangaish look for "Mister Chameleon" just might work if done correctly but we'll never know for sure unless someone sends us something to look at. So send us your samples today and let us see what you've got.
THE WRAP: That's if for this update. Not sure when the next one will be so be sure to check back from time to time. Meanwhile, why not pay a visit to Lucky Lloyd Smith's newest blog. Titled "Blinded Me With Comics" and appearing each and every Friday its The Lucky One's weekly look at comics of the 1980s. So when you got a minute give it a look. The blog can be found at .

That's it. See everyone soon.

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