Wednesday, December 9, 2009



That's right folks! After what seemed at times a never-ending period of chaotic activity RED LION PUBLICATIONS has finally left its offices in the lovely village of Port Stanley Ontario and relocated its operations in the exciting city of Waterloo Ontario. Bigger city. Bigger office spaces and many more opportunities for this small up and coming publisher.

And while we are all breathing a sigh of relief for surviving the move after everyone catches their breath for a week or so the real hard work will begin. As well as unpacking and setting up operations ye olde publisher Jonathan "A" Gilbert and his faithful staff are going to be looking at ways to streamline the operation in hopes of speeding things up for us to release our first of many issues of "Red Lion Spotlight" in the spring of 2010. So please be patient a little while longer as we set things in motion here. These things take time unfortunately. But once we get the ball rolling you will be able to look forward to the release of "Red Lion Spotlight" #1 featuring "Steve Skeates' Stateside Mouse", issue #2 presenting "Lloyd Smith's Kragor The Savage" and issue #3 reintroducing "Jonathan "A" Gilbert's Mister Chameleon".

Definitely lots to look forward to in 2010 ladies and gents. As always if you have any questions feel free to email us at .

Oh. And one last thing. As we are busy right now trying to get geared up we'd appreciate everyone hold off sending us new art submissions. For starters we simply don't have the time to look at them plus we still need to set up a postal address for snailmail submissions. However, if you feel that you are someone who we just can't live without than by all means email your submissions to . Don't expect to hear back from us real quick though. We are simply too busy.


That's pretty much it for now. If ya have any questions you know how to reach us. I've gotta sign off now as I've got a whole bunch of boxes I've got to start unpacking. Take care and keep the faith.

Jonathan "A" Gilbert, editor/publisher


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