Friday, March 20, 2009

RED LION REVELATIONS! March 20, 2009 Edition

The following are some news items we'd like to share with you.
ITEM: When we recently heard of all the media exposure that our very own Steve Skeates is getting we were pleased as punch for him. For starters Sir Steve is the subject of an extensive interview with John Schwirian titled "The Unique Voice and Vision of Steve Skeates" which appeared in Alter Ego #84 and was released on March 11. Then around March 25 Back Issue #33 hits the stands and there our favourite writer continues his conversation with John Schwirian focusing for the most part on The Teen Titans. Both mags are available at most comics shops or can be ordered through . Pretty neat if ya ask us but that's not all. Any day now there will be a piece posted at where The Stunning One is being interviewed by my buddy Richard Vasseur. And finally, Mr. Skeates takes pen in hand himself and scribes a very informative article about his days as a writer for Tower Comics in the Sensational Sixties. We've had a sneak peak at said article and loved every word of it. To read it yourselves you'll have to pick up a copy of Comic Fan #4 (published by Main Enterprises) which hopefully will soon be available at .
Congrats with all this, Steve. We're proud of ya!!

ITEM: Congrats-and a warm welcome, too-to Warren Montgomery who has recently joined the Red Lion team as inker and letterer. We've known and been a fan of Warren's since the late 1980s and are pretty darn excited about him coming on board. Over the years has has worked for a number of companies including Boneyard Press, London Night Studios and Blue Moon Comics as well as having lettered two 112-page hard cover books by Lydia Venieri. Warren's also worked in web design over the past 13-years ( ) and is Jonathan "A" Gilbert's web master at . Here at Red Lion Publications Warren will be inking and lettering Mister Chameleon along with anything else he wants to take on. We do wonder when he plans to sleep though because as well as web design work and inking and lettering for us Warren is writing a book about his experiences as a prostate cancer survivor and works as a purchasing supervisor at The Red Lion Hotel on the River (no connection with us if you are wondering) in Portland, Oregon. Glad to have you with us Warren and we're all looking forward to working with you.
ITEM: Warren's not the only busy guy these days. Our lovable publisher, Jonathan "A" Gilbert, also has a lot on the go. He's so busy in fact that he's decided to take a break from his blog at for a few weeks and concentrate on some of the writing projects he has in the works. What might they be, you ask? For starters he has two Mister Chameleon stories on the go. Then when he needs to take a break from scripting the exploits of everyone's favourite 1930s mystery-man he's busy with a little something called Robin Hood 2790. And if that wasn't enough he's also researching a book titled "Did you know about...?" which is an expanded version of his the same named newspaper column he wrote for two and a half years. With all that to do plus his regular duties as editor and publisher for Red Lion Publications the Jazzy One thought it might be a good idea to take a bit of a hiatus from his blog for a few weeks. But he will eventually return to E-Dispatches from the Great White North and if all goes according to plan the most likely time that will be is some time in the middle of April. Meanwhile, for those of you who need your fix of comics history be sure to check out Red Lion editor Lucky Lloyd Smith's daily dialog in his persona of The Groovy Agent where he talks about the great days of comics of the late 1960s and 1970s. He always has interesting and entertaining things to say, so be sure to visit .
That wraps things up for this time out. Be sure to come back here periodically for further updates about Red Lion Publications.

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