Tuesday, March 10, 2009

RED LION REVELATIONS! March 10, 2009 Edition

News and Commentary from Red Lion Publications Publisher Jonathan "A" Gilbert.

With so much in the works at RED LION PUBLICATIONS we thought it might be a good idea if we took a few minutes and tell you about a couple of things we are developing.

UPDATE: As you know our first comic, RED LION SPOTLIGHT, is slated for a fall 2009 release but what we haven't told you yet is what will be appearing in its first issue. While we have a number of concepts in development we wanted to launch the title with a bang and we couldn't think of any bigger of a bang than Steve Skeates' "Stateside Mouse". Sir Steve, as he is affectionately called here at RED LION PUBLICATIONS, began his comics writing career in the 1960s and has worked on a number of true classics including "Fightin' Five", the "Lightning" series from Tower's T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS, "Aquaman", "Hawk & Dove" and "Underdog". With "Stateside Mouse" Sir Steve not only continues his tradition of telling stories from a different perspective but this time adds a few unique twists through the funny animal character of Stateside Mouse. This is most definitely Steve Skeates at his best and should be on everyone's must buy list come the fall.

NEWS: Another issue of RED LION SPOTLIGHT that should be on everyone's must buy list is issue number three where we proudly bring back the 1930s mystery-man "Mister Chameleon". Created by Jonathan "A" Gilbert in 1974 and first seeing print in 1990 this Hollywood California-based crime fighter has been published by New Voice Productions, SeajayVentures, Blue Moon Comics Group and, most recently, CE Publishing Group. We will fill you in on plans as we come closer to publication date, but we can tell you that Mister Chameleon's first appearance at RED LION PUBLICATIONS will begin with a revised origin and brand new artwork. Stay tuned to this blog for further updates.


WANTED: And speaking of artwork we're looking for pencilers, inkers and letterers to work on not only the new "Mister Chameleon" series but other projects we have in the works. If you are interested in submitting samples please take note of our submission guidelines here at the blog.

WRAP-UP: That's it for now. I'd love to tell you about some of the other projects we have in the works (including new versions of The Hooded Cobra, Solomon Wyrd and Young Immortals--not to mention Lloyd's Kragor the Savage, Officer Omega, and Guns and Rosa projects-- along with our Robin Hood issue of RED LION SPOTLIGHT) but I've got to save something to talk about next time; right? So make sure you check this space, along with the various characters' blogs, for periodic updates. 'Til next time!

Jonathan "A" Gilbert

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  1. I'm looking forward to Mister Chameleon's return!