Thursday, January 17, 2013

Get Into Monty's World!

Writer, penciler, inker, letter, and good buddy T. Warren Montgomery has added yet another hat to his renaissance man head--publisher! Warren has started up Will Lill Comics with the publication of the first ish of Monty's World! Monty's World features his own Lightning Marval (with art by Ron Stewart), the Leaf by John Michael Helmer and Stuart Berryhill, Depthon  by  Steve (Aquaman, Teen Titans) Skeates and artist Ron Stewart, and  The Exiles (co-created by the Groovy Agent himself, Lloyd Smith 25 years ago at the dawn of Blue Moon Comics) by Lonnie Weems and young Warren! Monty's World is a fun, professional, entertaining package (you can preview it here), so you should order a copy (digital and print available) via comXpress! Hurry, 'cause Monty's World #2 is on the way soon!

Congrats T. Warren! Can't believe you can accomplish all that and still find time to letter mags for Red Lion!

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  1. Steve Skeates here, not overly familiar with how things work in this age of on-line stuff, and therefore just wondering (since I'm somehow in this comic -- and lemme tell yuh I do indeed see it as beyond merely nifty having something recent of mine out there somewhere!) if I'm entitled to a contributor's print copy of this comic like I used to git in the old daze! First and foremost is the fact that I haven't yet seen the finished artwork on this baby! Furthermoreover, all my best!