Friday, August 19, 2011

Press Release

As of September 1, 2011 comics material, characters, reprints, concepts and titles that have been created and developed by Jonathan A. Gilbert and loaned out to publishers will be brought under the exclusive control of SeajayVentures, parent company of Red Lion Publications.
"We have a number of plans in development for this material", states Gilbert who owns and operates SeajayVentures. "And to properly execute these plans we need to bring the material, including the reprints, under one roof.".
The concepts, material, characters, titles and reprints include 'Mister Chameleon', 'The Snow-Man', 'Solomon Wyrd', 'Young Immortals', 'Victory Squad', 'Hooded Cobra', a number of short stories that were produced by Gilbert and Seppo Makinen and the comics title 'All-Smash Funnies' which Gilbert originally published in 2002 as a joint venture between SeajayVentures and Blue Moon Comics Group and is currently on loan to CE Publishing Group.
This does not include 'Kendra: Dracula's Daughter' (currently being published Red Leaf Comics), the character 'Destiny' (who is to appear in a two-issue Starverse comic, 'Techstorm: New Friends, Old Foes') and the Dick Ayers pencilled version of the short story "Possessions" ( which is to be published by CE Publishing Group.).
"For a variety of reasons those three concepts will remain with these publisher at the very least until the duration of our current agreements with them.", explains Gilbert. "All the other material though, including the reprints, is to be withdrawn from the market as of September 1, 2011".
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