Friday, July 29, 2011

Kendra: Dracula's Daughter

Much to our regret we are still running into production difficulties that are delaying the release of our first title, FANTASY PATHWAYS. We hope to have the situation fixed in the next month or so but while you are waiting we would like to recommend that you pick up a copy of KENDRA: DRACULA'S DAUGHTER from RED LEAF COMICS.

Created and written by our publisher Jonathan "A" Gilbert with art and letters by co-creator Seppo Makinen KENDRA: DRACULA'S DAUGHTER is set in 1967 during the "Summer of Love" and is about a young woman who is the daughter of Dracula's prime mistress and was adopted by The Lord of the Undead who hoped that she would one day succeed him as the supreme ruler of Earth's vampires. Things though didn't quite work out as Dracula had planned resulting in he and Kendra becoming bitter enemies.

KENDRA: DRACULA'S DAUGHTER is available in an online version for 99-cents and a print version for $1.99. Both can be ordered directly from RED LEAF COMICS at . Be sure to tell then that RED LION PUBLICATIONS sent ya and be sure to let our publisher know what you think of KENDRA: DRACULA'S DAUGHTER at .

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