Friday, March 20, 2015



Grafix Chronicles #3 from Will Lill Comics is now available. Featuring two stories starring my 1930s pulp magazine style mystery-man Mister Chameleon the comic opens with "Stages" featuring artwork by Seppo Makinen and David Owens plus letters by Susan Dorne. It is followed by "The Silver Canister Incident" with pencils by Charles Dougherty and inks and letters by R. Humble.
Also appearing in that issue is the first part of Mark F. Davis' "There's An Alien In My Freezer!" with art by Ken and Stephanie Johnston. A print version of the comic is available for $3.99 at Will Lill Comics - Explore a new world of Heroes .
While I have your attention I want to mention two projects David Owens and I have in the works. One is a graphic novel (which we are saying as little about as possible at the moment) and the other is a trade paperback featuring Solomon Wyrd. I will reveal more as time goes on.
Finally I have returned to writing my E-Dispatches from the Great White North column. Not only will you be able to find it at E-Dispatches from the Great White North but also at So check it out when you have a minute and let me know what you think.
That's it for now. More news soon.

Jonathan A. Gilbert, Publisher

Saturday, January 24, 2015

DORMANT BUT NOT DEAD: SeajayVentures Lives!

Though this site has been dormant since before I moved back to London Ontario (Canada) on April 30th 2013 I haven't been. As well as having a fairly active social life in my hometown I've been working on a few writing projects for WILL LILL COMICS and RED LEAF COMICS.

Red Lion Publications and its parent company. SeajayVentures, haven't vanished either though both remain on hiatus for the foreseeable future. Also, all previously announced project have been cancelled and our two digital comics (All-Smash Funnies Vol.2, No.1 and the She is...Silkie graphic novel) are no longer available online.
There is however a print She is...Silkie limited series in the works from another publishers for sale later this year and my buddy David Owens are I are working on a graphic novel that we will be selling under my Seajay Books imprint.
Future announcements about this projects will be made in the coming months so watch this space. So as you can see, despite the rumours we aren't dead. Not by a long shot.

                                                      Jonathan A. Gilbert, Publisher

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Get Into Monty's World!

Writer, penciler, inker, letter, and good buddy T. Warren Montgomery has added yet another hat to his renaissance man head--publisher! Warren has started up Will Lill Comics with the publication of the first ish of Monty's World! Monty's World features his own Lightning Marval (with art by Ron Stewart), the Leaf by John Michael Helmer and Stuart Berryhill, Depthon  by  Steve (Aquaman, Teen Titans) Skeates and artist Ron Stewart, and  The Exiles (co-created by the Groovy Agent himself, Lloyd Smith 25 years ago at the dawn of Blue Moon Comics) by Lonnie Weems and young Warren! Monty's World is a fun, professional, entertaining package (you can preview it here), so you should order a copy (digital and print available) via comXpress! Hurry, 'cause Monty's World #2 is on the way soon!

Congrats T. Warren! Can't believe you can accomplish all that and still find time to letter mags for Red Lion!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Press Release for 11/27/12

As we at SeajayVentures get ready for our relaunch in 2013 we thought we'd take a few minutes to bring you up to date on our plans.
While we haven't as yet set an exact date for our return our current plans are for it to be some time in the first half of 2013.
Our first release will be a print version of our "She is...Silkie" graphic novel which will be appearing under our new book imprint, Seajay Books. Our second project will be a 52-page one-shot anthology that will feature a wide range of material including "The Aquanauts", "Tiffany The Cave Girl" and "Shannon McCabe Presents...Spring-Heeled Jack". We have a few other projects in the works for 2013 and beyond but we're going to keep hush-hush about them for the moment.We can tell you though that we are going to need pencilers, inkers and letterers for some of them so if you are interested in sending us some sequential art samples you can email them to .
Also, our friends at Star Verse Comics are still looking for a penciler to work on a two-issue story written by our publisher Jonathan "A" Gilbert and teaming up our Destiny character with Star Verse's Techstorm. Anyone interested in working on that project can contact Star Verse Comics' publisher at .
Finally, Jonathan "A" Gilbert's and Seppo Makinen's "Kendra" one-shot is still available from Red Leaf Comics. For ordering information you can contact Red Leaf publisher John Helmer at  or visit
That's it for now. Keep an eye on  for further information on our plans here at SeajayVentures.
                                                                                              The SeajayVentures Staff

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Press Release:

Our friends at Star Verse Comics are looking for someone to pencil a two-issue story in which their Techstorm character teams up with our (menaing SeajayVentures') Destiny. Each issue is 20-pages in length.
Interested parties can contact Star Verse publisher Ryan Crouse at . For more information on Star Verse Comics please visit .
Jonathan A. Gilbert, publisher

Friday, September 21, 2012

On Haitus

 SeajayVentures is going on hiatus. Over the next few months SeajayVentures and its comics imprint, Red Lion Publications, is ceaing publication while it goes under reorganization and develops new material. But while we won't be bringing out anything new other the next few months you will still be able to pick up our two digital publications; "All-Smash Funnies" Vol. , No. 1 and the "She is...Silkie" graphic novel at (listed under the name of our packager, CE Publishing ).Give them both a look if you haven't already as well as CE Publishing's various titled (including "Mega Book" and "Perilous Adventures" and "Kendra, Dracula's Daughter" (by Jonathan A. Gilbert and Seppo Makinen) which can be purchased from Red Leaf Comics at . All are great reads by some of the best comics creators in the business. And be sure to periodically check back at for the latest news and information on our future plans.
 Jonathan A. Gilbert, Publisher

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: She Is...Silkie

SeajayVentures is pleased to announce the release of its first graphic novel, SHE IS...SILKIE. Co-written by Jonathan A. Gilbert and Laurie Wright with cover and interior art by Seppo Makinen SHE IS...SILKIE is a post World War Two tale of mystery and intrigue on an island off the southwest coast of Great Britain where the lines between myth and reality are blurred.
Currently only available in digital format (with a print version slated for a July 2012 release) SHE IS...SILKIE is exclusively available at for $5 under the listing of our packager, CE Publishing.