Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year!

With the arrival of 2012 we here at Red Lion Publications are in the process of making plans that will result in a new direction later this year for our comics line and our parent company, SeajayVentures.
We're not ready as yet to tell you what those plans are but we hope that while you wait for our big announcement you'll keep an out out for two one-shots we plan to release this coming spring.
First on the schedule is SHE IS...SILKIE, A 68-PAGE graphic novel with painted cover and interior art by Seppo Makinen. Soon after we plan to release the long awaited MYSTERY ADVENTURE TALES with over sixty pages of comics material. Also slated for release are two exclusivly digital issues of ALL-SMASH FUNNIES featuring reprints and unpublished material from the gone but not forgotten Blue Moon Comics Group.
So be sure in the coming weeks and months to make frequent visits to www.redlionpublications.blogspot.com for further announcements on these titles and our new direction later this year.
Jonathan "A" Gilbert
                                                                Publisher of Red Lion Publications
                                                                    and owner of SeajayVentures.

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