Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011!

As we get geared up to start releasing titles in 2011 we thought we'd take a few minutes to bring you up to date in some news.
First off we want to welcome our new penciler, David Johnson Jr. to our team.
Actually David is already known to us as he has been working with our publisher, Jonathan "A" Gilbert, on a few projects for other publishers including a sword & sorcery series for Red Leaf Comics and a two-issue tale for Starverse Comics.
David will be working on a number of projects for us this year including 'The Glob' and "Shannon McCabe Presents...'. He's also got a few ideas of his own that we're pretty excited about so stay tuned to this page for further information.
While we don't have release dates set yet we done have three confirmed titles set up for 2011. They are Lloyd Smith's 'Kragor The Savage Special', Steve Skeates' 'Stateside Mouse Special' and 'Mystery Adventure Tales Special' featuring "Shannon McCabe Presents...Spring Heeled Jack' and "The Glob". We also have a few other projects in development including a super-hero team title but they aren't as yet far enough along to announce.
As mentioned earlier Jonathan "A" Gilbert is writing a few projects for other publishers as well. One of those projects is a horror series titled 'Kendra' which is to be published by Red Leaf Comics later this year. If you'd like to take a sneak peak at 'Kendra' before it hits the printed page you can visit www.redleafcomics.com where a 'Kendra' web comic is currently running.As for other projects our publisher is working on be sure to check back here and at his personal blog ( www.dispatchesfromthegreatwhitenorth.blogspot.com ) for updates.
That's it, folks. See you again soon.

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